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Electric car charging roads being trialled in the UK

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Electrical cars are becoming more and more popular in today’s fast moving world. However, drivers of electrical cars can’t be as sure of finding a place to recharge as drivers of petrol using cars are.  This is why the UK will be trialling roads that charge your electric car as you drive if they get more electrical cars on their roads.

Currently these roads are under trial and trials will last for 18 months then on road testing will begin. The trials are expected to begin later this year and will use wireless technology that will be implanted in a select number of cars and a test road will be built. This will demonstrate how smaller AC/AC converters; sub-stations and power transfer loops can provide a source of charge for electrical cars.

At the moment a contractor hasn’t been appointed to set out the trial so the exact details of the technology and how it will operate hasn’t been confirmed. The amount of charge provided by the roads is not known yet but it will be extremely useful for emergency situations.

“The off road trials of wireless power technology will help create a more sustainable road network for England and open up new opportunities from businesses that transport goods across the country,” highways England chief highways engineer, Mike Wilson, said in a press statement regarding the new trials.

Highways England says it is committed to installing plug in facility every 48km along motorway networks while the roads are awaiting trial. The roads would also encourage UK citizens to purchase electric cars as oppose to petrol fuelled cars which will reduce fuel emission and fuel costs for drivers.

As well as the benefit for the people of England, it will also financially benefit the UK government considering the fact that the European union imposes fines for countries that exceeds the emission targets.


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